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* Energyshare leases Solar panel systems to its members
* Flexible terms, No lease lock in, Saves you money
* Our Members own it and share the profits !

Picosolar leases

Energyshare leases Picosolar systems
to our members... like you.


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BEC Solar

We're a Co-operative business.

A cooperative business is both owned and controlled by its members, who also happen to use the services and products of the co-op.

Our Energyshare business is different from other types of companies, because its formed to operate for the benefit of you and our other members. 

Your Profit

Energyshare members share the business profit

Member Votes

They get a vote to decide what the company does

Our Planet

We care about our planet and the impact we have on it.

You own it

Energyshare works for you.

Energyshare provides
Cheaper Power

Our leased Picosolar systems save you money compared to only using grid electricity

Fixed Price

Your PicoPower lease price is fixed for the entire lease term. The cost doesn't go up like grid electricity typically does.  


We have great PV system monitoring technology.  It can monitor you home and business as well.   

Black Rock Solar, a nonprofit entity, installed a 31 kilowatt photovoltaic array at Rainshadow Community Charter High School in Reno, Nevada.

Our Members

Energyshare provides PicoSolar systems to both Residential and Commercial members 

Residential Solar

Commercial Solar

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